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All-in-one Pool solution All-in-one Pool solution
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2 - Minute Pool Care

1 minute

Simple Scoop

The pool chemistry cheat code. Proactively control algae, stabilize, oxidize, clarify, & condition— no more adjustments needed!
1 minute


Combine Simple Scoop with a sanitizer, e.g., chlorine to complete your routine. This combo of 2 products is all you’ll need!

More Fun!

Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time caring for it.

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Clean Water
Clear Water
Sapphire Super Clarifier

1 bottle & 2 bottles & 3 bottles & 6 bottles

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Balance Alkalinity

The highest quality and easiest to use
pool products you can buy

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Easy to use

Slick application methods make your DIY job a little easier

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Premium products

Simply put we source only the best, don't wonder about what's going in your pool

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Clear video instructions

All our products have a QR code with short, easy to follow video instructions

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Save money

Customers using our products for DIY maintenance save 60% on average vs. hiring a technician

Pool Chemicals 101

How to really keep your pool sparkling clear all year

How to really keep your pool sparkling clear. Your standard, once-a-week regimen - that takes 2 minutes!

Weekly Routine

For when something seems off with your pool water, the next step is to test your pool water.

Targeted Care

What to do at the start and end of your pool season, a double dose of Simple Scoop can do the job.

Opening & Closing
Let us help you, help your pool 🤝
You don't need a pool boy 🙅
Let us help you, help your pool 🤝
You don't need a pool boy 🙅

On a mission to makes
DIY pool care easy

Between lakes, rivers, oceans and of course POOLS our founder Eliot spent most of his formative years in a swim suit. Eventually, he had to trade in his swim suit for a corporate suit and went to work in ecommerce.

That's where he noticed a hole in the market for pool chemicals. Scary looking packages, technical sounding names and lack of good instructions. No wonder so many pool owners throw their hands up and hire a professional! The more he dug into it though, he found out that the actual chemistry is not that hard... there was an opportunity to empower pool owners to manage their own maintenance and help them save some money in the process! If we really do things right maybe we can even make pool maintenance FUN (ok, we'll settle for it not sucking)

How’d you get   your pool so blue?
How’d you get   your pool so blue?
How’d you get   your pool so blue?
How’d you get   your pool so blue?
Your pool buddy - Your pool buddy - Your pool buddy - Your pool buddy - Your pool buddy - Your pool buddy
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Frequently Asked

Simply put, we stand by our products! If you’re not happy with the results just reach out at returns@poolday.com within 30 days of your purchase and we will help you process a return and you will get a 100% refund.

All orders at Pool Day ship free across the entire United States😎

That’s right, even you rare-breed Alaskan pool owners get our products shipped to their door for free. We are very jealous of your endless summer nights, but not so jealous of your 2-month pool season.

Right now, we only ship to the continental USA. We are hoping to expand to additional countries soon!

We are changing the pool care game.

Traditional pool chemical brands sell products with technical sounding names and instructions that are about as easy to interpret as hieroglyphics. You go to your pool store, wait in line to have your water tested, and the next thing you know you’re out a sizeable piece of your paycheck having been sold a whole assortment of products you’re not even sure you need.

Does it have to be that hard? The pool care industry doesn’t want you to know this, but the resounding answer is NO.

We are building a brand that makes it so much easier for the average pool owner to care for their own pool. With easy to understand instructions, top notch customer service and a suite of innovative products, Pool Day is making a splash. Thanks for letting us help you help your pool!