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Your 2-minute pool care routine. Everything you need (besides chlorine) to keep your pool clean and clear in one simple scoop. 100% safe to use in pools that kids and pets play in!

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  • It’s in the name, pool care made SIMPLE - A true all-in-one solution. Oxidizer, algaecide, clarifier, stain inhibitor, scale inhibitor, and other pool protectors all in ONE Simple Scoop... Pair with chlorine or another sanitizer to complete your pool routine.
  • Proactive, not reactive - Traditional pool care tells you to wait until your pool is green or unsafe and then dump a bunch of chemicals in it. Simple Scoop prevents water imbalances from happening in the first place, saving you time and headaches.
  • Pool opener in a bucket - Simply add a double dose when opening for the season. Say goodbye to expensive and complicated opening kits!
  • Safe and smooth swimming - Enjoy a gentle swim environment with fewer chemicals, no harsh odors, no irritated skin or eyes, and swimwear that stays fresh.
  • Lower chlorine consumption - You’ll notice that your pool uses far less chlorine (or alternative sanitizer) when using Simple Scoop — saving you money!
  • Safe to swim right away.
  • 10lbs lasts a 20,000 gallon pool for 5+ weeks.
Simple Scoop contains the ideal combination of non-chlorine oxidizing shock, chelated copper sulfate, algaecide, clarifier, and pool protectors (for stain and scale prevention). Our proprietary formula is fast-acting to both solve your water issues today and prevent future issues before they arise.
  • Getting Started: Start with a balanced pool. Test for the three key chemical levels: pH, calcium hardness, and alkalinity. Compare to the ranges provided and adjust as needed before beginning weekly treatments.
  • Chill Summer Mode: Each week, distribute one scoop for each 5,000 gallons of water directly into your pool; that’s it! Swim safely right away.
  • Opening and Closing: Distribute two scoops for each 5,000 gallons of water directly into your pool to open or close your pool.

2 - Minute Pool Care

1 minute

Simple Scoop

The pool chemistry cheat code. Proactively control algae, stabilize, oxidize, clarify, & condition— no more adjustments needed!
1 minute


Combine Simple Scoop with a sanitizer, e.g., chlorine to complete your routine. This combo of 2 products is all you’ll need!

More Fun!

Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time caring for it.
Product FAQs
  • Pair Simple Scoop with a sanitizer (chlorine or an alternative). You will find that using this product will significantly decrease how much of your chosen sanitizer your pool requires.

    To get started with Simple Scoop, make sure you start with a balanced pool. You may need to adjust the pH, alkalinity, and/or calcium hardness before beginning your new routine.

    Using Simple Scoop weekly, the majority of customers don’t need to add anything else to their pool to keep it clean, clear, and safe. Seriously! That being said, everyone’s pool is different. Due to location, weather, bather load, or baseline water chemistry, some customers occasionally need to make a minor adjustment. However, even for these customers, Simple Scoop drastically cuts back on the frequency of adjustments.

    Usually, it takes a pretty extreme weather event or swimmer load to throw things off. The most frequent items that customers add in addition to Simple Scoop are pH increaser, alkalinity increaser and shock. If you want to be prepared, having some of these on hand can’t hurt!

  • Yes, it is! And (good news), you’ll only need to use half the usual dosage with a saltwater pool. So instead of 1lb per week per 10,000 gallons you’ll only need 0.5lbs (one scoop) per week per 10,000 gallons

  • Simply sprinkle a scoop directly into your pool. No pre-mixing required!

  • It’s compatible with pretty much any type of sanitizer: chlorine, bromine, UV, ozone, mineral systems and salt. The most common pairing for our customers is chlorine tabs. You'll find that your supply of tabs lasts longer when using Simple Scoop.

    The only sanitizer this product does not pair well with is biguanide.

  • Yes, absolutely! Your pool is swim safe for you and your children immediately after putting in Simple Scoop.

    In fact, you’ll find that your pool is much healthier (less skin & eye irritation, smoother) because it works proactively. Using Simple Scoop prevents large swings in pool chemistry that often come with a traditional pool care routine.

  • You’ll need 0.5lbs (1 scoop) of Simple Scoop for every 5,000 gallons of pool water per week. So a 10lb bucket would last a 10,000 gallon pool 10 weeks!

  • Yes, absolutely. Just apply a double dose of Simple Scoop when opening your pool. After about a day, test and check that your pool is balanced for the three most important levels (alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness).

    In some extreme cases (if your pool is very unbalanced), you may require additional doses of shock.

  • Do the math. Think about all the money you have spent on all the various ancillary chemicals your local pool store tells you to put in your pool. It adds up pretty quickly. Most customers will save money using Simple Scoop. Not to mention your TIME. How much time do you spend acquiring all these various chemicals? The headache of keeping track of everything. Our customers certainly agree:

    “Absolutely adore Simple Scoop!!! A professional who helps me with my pool during winter recommended this. Initially, I was skeptical because of the price. However, the following year he suggested it again, and I regret not taking his advice earlier. My spouse mentioned it was the first time opening the pool without any frustration over its clarity. Weekly, I add 2 scoops into the skimmer basket and drop 1 chlorine tablet into the skimmer basket, resulting in perfectly clear water. Considering the cost of test strips, alkalinity adjusters, algae treatments, etc., I ended up saving both money and time compared to when I didn't use Simple Scoop. It's completely worth the investment!”

    - Alex J. from Florida (9,000 gallon above ground chlorine pool)

    “Last summer, I used Simple Scoop with chlorine tablets for a spotless pool. This year, trying to cut costs with other products turned into a battle with cloudiness, alkalinity, algae, and chlorine levels. I ended up spending more in the long run, not to mention the frustration. This is why I've come back. I use two scoops weekly for my 27' above-ground pool with two chlorine tablets.”

    - Chrissy H. from California (13,000 gallon above ground chlorine pool)

    “This is my second season with this product. It seems pricey, but the results justify the cost. I haven't had to use algaecide or shock at all. It keeps the balance perfect and the water crystal clear. Just a weekly scoop and I'm set!”

    - Rachel A. from Texas (22,000 gallon in-ground chlorine pool)

  • We haven’t necessarily replaced all the chemicals you usually used, we’ve just combined them into one simple product. This product required years of development to perfect the formula.

    Why doesn’t Leslie’s or your local pool store sell something like this? They are making way too much money by selling all the various chemicals they claim you need. And if pool care is this simple, why would you need to come into their store every week? They don’t want you to know that it can be this simple.

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Let us help you, help your pool 🤝
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Does it have to be that hard? The pool care industry doesn’t want you to know this, but the resounding answer is NO.

We are building a brand that makes it so much easier for the average pool owner to care for their own pool. With easy to understand instructions, top notch customer service and a suite of innovative products, Pool Day is making a splash. Thanks for letting us help you help your pool!