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Between lakes, rivers, oceans and of course POOLS our founder Eliot spent most of his formative years in a swim suit. Eventually, he had to trade in his swim suit for a corporate suit and went to work in ecommerce.

That's where he noticed a hole in the market for pool chemicals. Scary looking packages, technical sounding names and lack of good instructions. No wonder so many pool owners throw their hands up and hire a professional! The more he dug into it though, he found out that the actual chemistry is not that hard... there was an opportunity to empower pool owners to manage their own maintenance and help them save some money in the process! If we really do things right maybe we can even make pool maintenance FUN (ok, we'll settle for it not sucking)

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At Pool Day we want to make it easy for you to care for your own pool with super easy to use products. We're also on stand by if you need any help at all. Get in touch with us via phone or email!
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