Sapphire Super Clarifier

Concentrated clarifier to keep your pool or spa cloud free - One 32oz bottle contains enough for 16 weekly treatments on a 10K gallon pool

All bottles are 32oz each

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  • Get your pool or spa cloud free and extra blue
  • Super concentrated - up to 16 uses per bottle for a 10K gallon pool
  • Easy to use and quick results - Just pour in pool or spa close to return jet and it does the rest; noticeable results in just a few hours
  • Safe for all swimmers - No need to wait after application, you can dive in immediately and our formula will not cause skin or eye irratation
  • Measure out 2 oz. per 10,000 gals. of water
  • Add to skimmer or pour directly into pool or spa as close to the returns as possible
  • Use weekly during pool season for best results.
  • Watch video tutorial here
Product FAQs
  • Explain like I’m 5 version: It will make your pool or spa water extra clear and blue!
  • Full explanation: This thick blue substance will make water significantly clearer by causing small particles in the water to clump together, forming larger particles that can be easily filtered out. This process clears up cloudy water, making it look cleaner and more transparent.

  • Well we certainly think so! But seriously, our formula is the strongest on the market and because we sell directly to consumers instead of through retail, we are able to offer the most competitive per ounce / treatment price on the market.
  • Yes absolutely! A tablespoon every week or so will be all you need. One bottle will last you for quite a while!
  • Do a regular maintenance dose every week. Add an extra dose if you have a heavy bather load or a lot of rain in a week.
  • Clarifier is similar to flocculant in that it will bind particles together to make them easier to take out and clear up your pool. The difference is that a clarifier works on its own in combination with the filter. It will bind small particles together and then these larger groups will get filtered out. Flocculants also clump particles together, but they create larger, heavier clumps that settle to the bottom of the pool that then need to be removed manually or with a robotic cleaner.
  • Yes! The product contains ingredients that are friendly for people who are prone to skin and eye irritation from swimming. No need to wait, you can dive in immediately after application!

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Let us help you, help your pool 🤝
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