Splish Splash, Post-Rain Pool Care: How to care for your pool after a heavy rain

Splish Splash, Post-Rain Pool Care: How to care for your pool after a heavy rain

While rain can be a bit of a buzzkill for your perfect pool vibes, we've got you covered (literally, if you've got a pool cover). Here's the lowdown on how to give your pool some TLC after a heavy rain.


Skim Like a Boss: Remove debris from your skimmer and pump basket. Also, grab your trusty skimmer and show those leaves and twigs the door! 

Lower the water level: The ideal water level is halfway up the opening of the skimmer, so if the rain has added too much water you will want to let some of that loose. There are multiple ways to reduce your water level depending on your equipment, so check with your filter provider for specifics, but you will likely need to set your filter to ‘pump to waste’.

Pump It Up: Your pool's filtration system is the unsung hero, tirelessly working to keep things clean. Give it a boost by running the pump a bit longer post-rain to filter out any lingering nasties.

Chemical Check-Up: Rainwater can mess with your pool's pH and chemical balance. Test those waters and adjust your chemicals accordingly. If you need help balancing, check out our Pool Chem 101 Guide to get the low down on all things testing and balancing!

Keep it squeaky clean: Sometimes, rain brings along unwanted guests like algae and bacteria. If you use out pool care hero, Simple Scoop, we recommend giving your pool a double dose to get rid of any nasties that may have been introduced by the rain. If you don't use Simple Scoop, we recommend using a shock treatment and a clarifier to get rid of any remaining bacteria and smaller debris. 


Remember, a little post-rain care goes a long way in keeping your pool sparkling and ready for action. So, roll up those sleeves, grab your skimmer, and let's show that rain who's boss! Your pool will thank you with crystal-clear waters and endless summer vibes. Dive in, my friends, the water's fine! 🌊✨