Simple Scoop: Pool care in 2 minutes or less

Simple Scoop: Pool care in 2 minutes or less

Fellow water lovers, we’ve got a special treat for you with this blog: an introduction to our revolutionary new product, Simple Scoop


If you’re anything like the thousands of pool owners we’ve talked to, your pool care routine is time-consuming, complicated, and confusing. And expensive too! But the reason you got a pool in the first place was to enjoy time with friends and family in your very own sparkling oasis, not to play backyard chemist. 


That’s why we developed Simple Scoop, an all-in-one product blending the perfect amount of all the chemicals you need for your pool, besides a sanitizer (like chlorine). 


Your weekly pool care routine can be (and should be!) as easy as:


1 scoop of Simple Scoop for every 5,000 gallons of water in your pool


1 tab of 3-Inch Chlorine Power Tabs for every 5,000 gallons of water in your pool


That’s it! Seem too simple to be true? Well, it isn’t! As hundreds of customers will tell you, it really can be this easy! To find out exactly how, read on for more details about the ingredients we chose, and how to use Simple Scoop.

The Simple Scoop Formula

The Simple Scoop formula mixes just the right amounts of each: 




-pH balancer

-Alkalinity balancer

-Stain & scale inhibitor

Our blend balances your water’s critical pH and alkalinity levels to provide a safe and smooth swimming environment free of burning eyes and itchy skin. It also kills algae and prevents buildup in your water before it begins. And by stabilizing your cyanuric acid level, Simple Scoop protects your chlorine or other sanitizer from being burned off by sunlight. That means you’ll end up using less chlorine (and spending less money on it). Plus if that isn’t enough, the stain & scale inhibitor guards your pool liner from corrosion and unsightly wear n’ tear.

Benefits & How to Use

Add it all up and you get the clearest, smoothest water you’ve ever swam in - all in ONE simple scoop. You’ll see the benefits today, and the preventative aspects will nip the problems of tomorrow in the bud before they even rear their ugly heads!

How many scoops should you add to your pool? If you don’t know your pool volume, try out our handy pool calculator. Once you know your pool’s volume, add 1 scoop of Simple Scoop per 5,000 gallons of water per week. So, if you have a 20,000 gallon pool, add 4 scoops each week. Simple enough!

One other benefit we’d kick ourselves if we didn’t mention - Simple Scoop doubles as a pool opener and closer! At the start and end of the season, just add a double dose to your out-of-whack pool to bring your water chemistry back in line (or prevent it from getting too out of line). No more measuring and pouring concoctions of chemicals, or paying a pool service to make your water swimmable. Just double what you’d normally dump into your pool and you’ll be ready to swim in no time!

It really can be as easy as 2 minutes once a week! With our Simple Scoop precision blend, your perfect pool is right around the corner. So, what are you waiting for?