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  • Triple-Action Chlorine Formula: Sanitizes, clarifies, and prevents algae in one step with 99% Trichlor for pristine, safe swimming conditions.
  • UV-Resistant Clean: Power tabs are enhanced with cyanuric acid for superior protection against the sun's rays, ensuring longer-lasting chlorine effectiveness.
  • Clarify Easily:Just pour in pool close to return jet and it does the rest; noticeable results in just a few hours
  • Stay Balanced:Test for key levels in your pool with our 5-in-1 test strips to remain balanced all season long for maximum fun in the sun
  • Each week, insert 3-inch chlorine tabs into a floating dispenser, automatic chlorinator, or skimmer basket and apply a maintenance dose of clarifier directly to your pool.
  • For floating dispensers or automatic chlorinators, adjust the dispensing rate as needed to maintain ideal chlorine levels (1-3 ppm).
  • Monitor the tabs’ dissolution rate and replace when fully dissolved to ensure consistent pool sanitization. Monitor your water's clarity and increase clarifier dose as needed.
Product FAQs
  • Explain like I’m 5 version: Chlorine tabs are the cornerstone of most pool owners’ maintenance routines. Chlorine kills bacteria and keeps your pool safe to swim in. Tab form is a very concentrated and convenient format for most pool owners.
  • Full explanation: Chlorine disinfects pools by acting as an oxidizing agent, breaking down bacteria and pathogens' cell walls through a chemical reaction, leading to their destruction. It forms hypochlorous acid in water, which penetrates and destroys the cells' internal structures, preventing reproduction. This process effectively sanitizes the pool, maintaining cleanliness and safety by preventing new growth.
    Clarifier will make water significantly clearer by causing small particles in the water to clump together, forming larger particles that can be easily filtered out. This process clears up cloudy water, making it look cleaner and more transparent.

  • We’ll let you in on a little secret: most* of the tabs like this you see on the market are exactly the same. A lot of brands out there will make various fancy claims about their tabs but if you look at the ingredients (which should be on the front, if they are not you have other issues… see below) you’ll see they are exactly the same.

    What we can promise you is that our products come with the easiest to understand instructions, most customer friendly packaging and caps lock THE BEST customer service out there. Our clarifier is the strongest available on the market and at the most competitive price per ounce / treatment available.

    *We say most because there are some seriously sketchy outfits selling chlorine out there. This product is (for good reason) regulated pretty strictly by the EPA. If you see a price that’s too good to be true it’s likely being sold (illegally) without proper EPA registration. That means that the product is coming from a non-regulated source and likely does not have the proper instructions, safety information and packaging. Be careful out there pool people 🫡

  • Add the tabs through your skimmer, a floating chlorine dispenser or a chlorinator. DO NOT throw pucks directly into your pool. Clarifier can be added directly to your pool’s water.
  • Add about a weeks worth of chlorine at a time. You will get a feel for your pool’s chlorine consumption over time but a good rule of thumb is one tab per 5,000 gallons.
  • Chlorine: Basically, once the tabs you initially added have dissolved, you add more. If you’re adding the appropriate amount, you should be doing this every week or so depending on weather, usage and how well balanced your pool’s chemistry is (e.g., pH, alkalinity and stabilizer levels).
    Clarifier: For clarifier, you may add a regular maintenance dose of every week. Add an extra dose if you have a heavy bather load or a lot of rain in a week.
  • Chlorine: When used as directed and stored properly yes…. chlorine is a time tested way to make your pool water safe and three inch tabs are one of the most convenient ways to add chlorine to your pool.
    Clarifier: Contains ingredients that are friendly for people who are prone to skin and eye irritation from swimming. No need to wait, you can dive in immediately after application!

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Let us help you, help your pool 🤝
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